Criminal Law

Criminal law is based around litigation involving an individual or business against the State, Government or Crown, criminal law is designed to establish and maintain social order and protect the community as a whole, it gives us the rules by which we all live our day to day lives in a safe, ordered and peaceful society.

Prosecutions are usually brought by the Police, for offences like theft and murder, but they are not the only enforcers of criminal law, other institutions such as Customs and Excise, Trading Standards and the Environmental Health can all instigate proceedings in a criminal law case.

If you breach criminal law it can lead to prosecution in the Crown or Magistrates Courts and ultimately a criminal record, criminal law is therefore about punishing offenders and stopping them from repeating the offence.


Examples of criminal law.

  • Motoring offences, Speeding etc.
  • Tax evasion.
  • Common assault.
  • Theft or Burglary.
  • Fraud.
  • Drunk and Disorderly.
  • Taking and Driving away.
  • Other Offences not listed here. 


Mark Matthews Solicitors have detailed experience in the field of criminal litigation, we have extensively practiced at Crown Court, Magistrates Court, and Youth Court level, and are accredited by The Law Society in this specialist area.


What will it cost, can I get legal aid.

Unfortunately we no longer provide Legal Aid services or act as a contracted solicitors office in order to provide publicly funded criminal defence services. This means asking us to appear at the Police Station or at a Court Hearing will be a chargeable service.

Of course you are still entitled to use the Duty Solicitor on hand, Everyone is entitled to free legal advice at the police station from a solicitor whose office is contracted with the Legal Services Commission, whatever their income and capital/savings. 

For clarification Mark Matthews Solicitors are no longer a contracted solicitors office, and therefore can not offer legal aid services.


What to do next.

If you need legal representation and have been accused of a criminal offence then you need to act now, failure to secure advice sooner rather than later can make your defence more difficult, contact us to arrange an appointment, we can run through the case with you, explain your options and then act on your behalf, we are happy to assist in any way we can, call us today to discuss your options.