Debt Recovery

Let us first point out that unless the debt you wish to recover is of a significant amount it may not be viable to recover the debt using a civil action through the courts system. See Our Fees

However the majority of debts can be collected well before that stage and sometimes all that is needed is some external contact.

What can I do ?.

Firstly, communicate with you customer/client and establish that the goods/service you provided were acceptable, if there is/was an issue which is preventing payment then seek to correct that issue before re-requesting payment. At all times document your communications.

Once you establish that there is no objection in principle to your claim for payment then embark on standard credit control procedures, make sure the client has a copy of your ‘terms and conditions’ and those clearly state your payment structure, if necessary point out that they are outside of the payment terms.

Once your client is outside the agreed payment terms, you may be able to charge interest on the outstanding debt, informing them of your intention to charge interest may be enough to tip them into paying off the debt.

If there is still no response then we can send a recovery request on your behalf, this may outline time scales before a more serious action is undertaken and give them a final opportunity to settle the debt.

Assuming your debt is still outstanding then the next course of action may be the involvement of a recovery service, we can deal with agencies on your behalf.

Collections Agencies.

We act for a number of organisations in connection with recovering outstanding debts. If you require a professional organisation to monitor and recover those outstanding debts on your behalf then contact us.

Civil Actions.

When all else fails, the only course of action available may be a legal one through the court systems. While we would always recommend trying to resolving the issue by other methods, sometimes it just is not possible.

Before you take court action, it is advisable to establish the following:

  • The debt to be recovered is more significant than the costs of recovery.
    (Is it cost-effective.)
  • Any issues regarding the supplied goods or services have been resolved.
  • Make sure your customer has the means available to settle the debt.
    (If you push for payment, have they the assets to pay.)
  • The customer/client is not bankrupt.
  • The company is not in liquidation.
  • The damage this may cause to an on-going relationship.

If after taking into account the above, you still wish to pursue the action then we can take it further on your behalf, and attempt to recover the debt through the courts system. It is worth remembering that the courts will make a judgement on the case, and this judgement may include a repayment enforced repayment plan. Even if you win your claim it could take a considerable amount of time to recover your money, for more information please contact us.

Debt Recovery Fees

Your Claim Value (Range)Court Fees *** Our Fees ***
( Inc Vat)
Upto £300£35£250
More Than £300 upto £500£50£250
More Than £500 upto £1000£70£250
More Than £1000 uoto £1500£80£475
More Than £1500 upto £3000£115£475
More Than £3000 upto £5000£205£475
More Than £5000 upto £10,000£455£475
More Than £10,000 upto £200,0005% of claim value£475
Beyond £200,000£10,000T.B.A.

*** The Debt Recovery Fees listed above are payable even if the debt can not be recovered.