It is not something that any relationship wants to face, and when we embark on sharing our lives with someone else we seldom consider the possibility that things may not work out how we had initially hoped.

Divorce and Family.

We realise that this can be an trying time for our clients and there immediate families, we pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate and protect your rights, and those closest to you while not antagonising and unduly worsening the situation.

How much will a divorce cost?

It varies greatly, depending on how complicated the case and how much husband and wife can agree about things.

What is the difference between a divorce and separation.

A divorce is a procedure that goes through the courts and not only dissolves the marriage but also arranges the financial aspects relating to a divorce for example, property and pensions, and how the financial assets are to be split etc. A divorce can be applied for on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour of the other partner, adultery or can be applied for after a 2 year separation or if one party does not agree to a divorce you can still apply after 5 years.

A separation is where the parties agree to separate but not divorce at that time. A Separation Deed can be drawn up by a solicitor clarifying matters within the separation period.

Divorce and Children.

We have children, how do we make arrangements for the children if we get divorced?

When there are children involved in a divorce the courts place a significant weight on their best interests and expects the parties involved to agree where the children will live and how each party has contact with the children.

If this can be resolved between the two parties the court does not need to be involved. If you cannot agree then an application may have to be made to the court.