Personal Injury

Personal injury is any injury sustained by yourself as a result of someone or something else, these injuries are not limited to the physical but also include psychological injury or illness, disease or illness, and physical injury.

Examples of personal injury.

  • Injuries sustained as a resultant trip on uneven paving stones.
  • Injuries at work.
    (This includes illness and disease, such as asbestos.)

  • Psychological illness caused by the working environment.
    (Discrimination, Harassment and or Stress at work.)

  • Injury caused in a road traffic accident.
  • Injuries caused by hospital errors and vaccinations.
  • Injuries received as a result of faulty goods or service.
  • Physical injuries sustained by a victim of crime.
  • Psychological injuries/illness sustained by a victim of crime.
  • Psychological illness suffered as a result of child abuse.

This is not an exhaustive list, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What does it cost ?

We offer an initial consultation at £100.00 + Vat for up to the first hour, during this time it is usual for us to be able to ascertain what the chances of success are and explain them to you. If at this point you wish to continue with the claim we can give you a more detailed breakdown of the proposed fees, hourly rates and potential disbursement costs.

Depending on your case you may have to pay other costs and you would be advised to take out insurance to cover these payments in this instance.